A Medium account for Dailycoin

by Fabiana Cecin

I have created this Medium account to compile all of my writing about the Dailycoin project.

It makes more sense to me to create a new personal account than to start a “publication”, because Dailycoin is something I experience as a kind of persona. I write as the project itself, as if I was a natural extension of the project. It wakes me up an night, and it — the idea, the ideal, the vision — makes me write.

Well, I know it’s still me writing this, but hopefully you get what I mean. When I am advocating for Dailycoin, it’s a different “me” that is doing it.

This project is my own baby, and I feel that it is part of me. I have to give shape to it, and to do that, I have to be one with it, for a while.

Dailycoin is the result of a lifetime of learning and thinking. It is the result of absorbing the work of many masters —too long a list to mention, and you can find them mentioned in my other Medium account and on my Twitter feed and history. Failing that, you can always ask me about them.

I have been Twitterstorming this Dailycoin persona for the past couple of years. I hope to use this Medium account to better channel that message, and to format and archive it using a better, well, medium.

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