by Fabiana Cecin

Dailycoin is a cryptocurrency. Its symbol is XDL.

In the Dailycoin system, each person gets 1 (one) XDL virtual coin — a fungible crypto token — per day of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

All that income is minted on the spot, which is how the system can mathematically guarantee that everyone will receive exactly one extra coin per day.

That’s it.

The currency has a small, built-in wealth tax of 0.5% per year on all balances, computed and deducted automatically, to help with maintaining the currency supply limited in the long term.

The identity database is maintained…

by Fabiana Cecin

I have created this Medium account to compile all of my writing about the Dailycoin project.

It makes more sense to me to create a new personal account than to start a “publication”, because Dailycoin is something I experience as a kind of persona. I write as the project itself, as if I was a natural extension of the project. It wakes me up an night, and it — the idea, the ideal, the vision — makes me write.

Well, I know it’s still me writing this, but hopefully you get what I mean. …

Dailycoin Project

n Universal Basic Income Crypto UBI system.

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